Floating Kayak Launch Docks

YAKport launch makes getting in and out of the water easy for beginners or experienced users. Kayaks, Canoes or Stand Up Paddle Boards with a width 34" and under can use the YAKport.

Connect to floating or fixed docks with the selection of accessories and anchoring options. The YAKport Kayak Launch comes in two color options to match your dock. YAKport can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed docks. Florida Docks has installed many YAKports at various locations around Florida!

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Kayak and Canoe Launch Docks in Lake City by Florida Docks | kayak canoe floating dock

The YakPort comes in Gray or Tan (pictured here), and can be used for Kayaks or Canoes. This photo shows the Overhead Bar assist as well as the Roto Grab Bars on the sides (optional features).

Kayak and Canoe Launch Docks in Lake City by Florida Docks | kayak canoe floating dock

YakPorts are compatible with our High Water Poles, allowing for more room for the Port to float over your fixed attachment point.

48"w x 60"l x 22"h outer
34"w x 17"h inside

Configure and Buy Your YakPort Now

Price reflects single item with Overhead Bars, Roto Grab Bars, and Installation Kit. Does not include additional installation materials, delivery, taxes, or labor. Due to market volatility, pricing subject to change. Please Contact Us for a detailed quote. Bulk discounts available.

YakPort Accessories

YakPort Roto Grab Bars (Pair)

The Roto Grab Bars can be used with or without the Roto Grab Bar Overhead Assist. The Roto Grab Bars attach to the YAKport Kayak Launch and make getting on and off the launch easier.

  • Color Options: Tan, Gray (Special Order: Black, Dark Gray, Blue - extra fees may apply)

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YakPort Overhead Assist Grab Bar

Add the aluminum Overhead Assist Grab Bar to the Roto Grab Bars to make getting in and out of your kayak easier.

See the YAKport in Action!

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