About Our Floating Docks

Have our team of professionals install it - or purchase an install kit and Do It Yourself!

Benefits of a Floating Dock:

  • Little to no maintenance or upkeep
  • Dock moves with water height - no worrying about a flooded dock!
  • Composite wood options available, increasing the lifespan of your dock to 20+ years
  • Dock can be moved or altered throughout its life
  • You can easily attach a PWC or kayak port
  • The costs can be exponentially cheaper than a standard dock
  • Floating docks will often fit in spaces where a regular dock could not
  • Floating docks have little to no impact on their water environments
Floating Docks in Fort Myers


Floating Docks in Fort Myers

Floating Dock Kits

Currently we sell two types of kits: a 4x9 and a 6x10. These two kit sizes can fulfill a variety of floating dock needs. There are many ways to complete the decking, so you can customize the finished look!

Call (833) 353-6257 for more details about how to purchase a kit.

Florida Docks is your one stop shop for all your floating dock needs, and proudly offers the following products: Floating PWC Ports (also known as Floating Jet Ski Ports, Floating Jet Ski Ramps, Floating Drive-on Jet Ski Ports), Floating Drive-on Boat Ports, Floating Kayak Launches, Dock Floats, Inflatable Docks, Floating Dock Kits, and Custom Floating Docks. Our products help you enjoy your watersports with ease. We are proud to supply and install floating docks all over Florida!

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